How Fine It Is! Grading Wool

Cormo fleece 500Grading systems have been developed to explain the diameter difference in wool fibers from different breeds of sheep, and even the variations within the same fleece.  The commercial wool industry depends on grading for sales and manufacturing.  Hand spinners can look to grading systems for selecting the right fiber for different projects. They are also a helpful guide for flock improvement.

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Who We Are

LindaH-125pxlois-olundBellwether Wool Company is run by Linda Hansen and Lois Olund, on two farms in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Dayspring Farm, owned by Linda, has a select flock of sheep and produces beautiful wool for spinners and fiber enthusiasts.  Lois owns Blakesley Creek Farm, which is home to sheep, alpacas, angora bunnies, and even peacocks. 

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About Our Farms

Bellwether Wool Company is the product store for Blakesley Creek Farm and Dayspring Farm, a friend-based partnership in Oregon's coastal foothills near Philomath.


Blakesley Creek Farm is run by Lois Olund, and Dayspring Farm is run by Linda Hansen. Read more about the farms>




Read about our fiber process, and how we create the roving and yarn we sell. Learn more>

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  • Bringing sheep back to the warm barn
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